" In this life we cannot do
Great things. We can only do small things with great love."

Mother Teresa

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Girl Power!

Traveling Postcards arrived at Soroptimist International of San Ramon Valley on Saturday, April 11th. My good friend April Rovero believes that making postcards for women across the globe is a wonderful way to uphold the club’s motto of “Improving the lives of women and girls locally and throughout the world.” Soroptimist means “Best for Women” and certainly work like “Project Sierra” and the “Women’s Opportunity Award” are examples of this organization’s mission to help all women be their best. Please take a look at the Soroptimist International website to learn more about an amazing group of women who have been working together to support the rights of women for over 85 years. http://soroptimistinternational.org/

Saturday was a day filled with bright and talented 16 year old girls from a group foster home who used their creativity and natural enthusiasm to create postcards for a woman they may never know. Each girl chose a group of women to send their card to. On this day we made Traveling Postcards for women and girls in the Congo, for women with breast cancer and for women in Costa Rica. The girls sent messages of hope and perseverance; their young age belies the fact that they are survivors of much loss and suffering and have already earned great wisdom and strength.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with these girls and I hope that they will continue to grow and make positive changes in their lives not only for themselves but for all the other girls who are looking to them as potential role models.

Please look at the Traveling Postcards website to see all the great work that has been created for the sake of women knowing that they are cared for and that their voice matters.
*postcards made by girls working with Soroptimist International of San Ramon Valley,CA

Sunday, April 12, 2009

“Baile para sentirse joven” ,

“From our hearts to yours with love, compassion and truth. May you be love and only love.”

Twenty women traveled from across the Bay on April 4th and made Traveling Postcards for the women of Punta Banco. In conjunction with the CommunicArte Project’s beautiful video and art display, there was plenty of creativity and inspiration to go around!

Please have a look at the Traveling Postcards website to view all the beautiful cards that were made at this event, and be sure to check out www.comunicarteproject.org or www.travelguideforthesoul.blogspot.com for more information about our upcoming Costa Rica trip!

Next up…Soroptomist International!

*postcards made by Alaya Tchirkine and Saumya Kodippily