" In this life we cannot do
Great things. We can only do small things with great love."

Mother Teresa

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Plans!

Summer always seems to carry the promise of unlocking our imaginations. It offers a time to dream and a time to reflect. I feel that even in the busiest of times, a swim in the lake under a beautiful blue sky, provides just the right conditions for dreaming of all that is possible.

This summer, on July 23rd, I am Traveling to Punta Banco, Costa Rica! I bring with me a whole suitcase dedicated to art making supplies; my camera, a portable printer, paper, glue, pens, film, art books, string, etc! Never have I taken a trip where art making was the focus. Needless to say, I am thrilled! I will be traveling with Robbyn Alexander (our fearless leader) and a group of Transformative Artists from JFK University. Together with the ComunicArte project, we will be working within the Punta Banco community to help promote meaningful learning experiences that emphasis ecological awareness and self expression.

I will not only be bringing Traveling Postcards to distribute and to create, but I also plan to facilitate the making of ‘family trees’ I will have a mini photo booth (a camera, a tripod and maybe a tree stump to sit on!) set up daily and will encourage everyone who wants, to come and take a photo of either themselves or a family group. I will print the pictures on the spot and will provide very simple materials from which to make photo albums. Albums can contain all kinds of elements that symbolize how we are all inter-connected to each other and to our environment; pictures, fabric, leaves, anything that represents our relation to the larger family tree of man!

Certainly I hope that the Traveling Postcards that are received and the Traveling Postcards that are made in Punta Banco will help further the larger compassionate connection women share all over the world.

Some more good news! Over 50 Traveling Postcards will be received in Malawi, Africa in late August. Mary Tuchscherer will be arriving with her group from Voice Flame Writers to conduct a series of Legacy and story writing workshops. She has promised to distribute all your cards and I eagerly await some pictures and reports from her fabulous trip!

In addition…our fearless leader from the International Soroptimist Club, April Rovero, will be traveling to Namibia, Africa in September and will be carrying with her a suitcase of postcards that you made. She is eager to distribute the beautiful art work and extraordinary sentiments to the women she meets on her trip.

All and all it will be a wonderful summer for connecting, sharing and growing our awareness of the deep bonds we all have with one another.

May your summer be blessed with imagination!