" In this life we cannot do
Great things. We can only do small things with great love."

Mother Teresa

Monday, February 16, 2009

United We STAND

The last two Traveling Postcards events have had a tremendous impact on my life. I have been deeply moved by the beauty and depth of each woman’s desire to be a part of a project that connects us all in a compassionate and caring way.

February 4th brought Traveling Postcards to JFK University in Campbell, CA. Over twenty one women participated; a record attendance! I set up three long tables in a hallway, and women literally stopped in between classes, just long enough to make a card. I am always impressed with a woman’s ability to make time for a project that speaks to their hearts. I heard comments like “I had no idea what to say or make, and within minutes the card just seemed to appear!”

Creativity speaks to everyone. The allure of beautiful paper, bright colors and interesting buttons, fibers and textiles, can encourage and inspire the most reluctant artist. But more importantly, women who call out to each other, within a safe and caring environment are able to create heartfelt messages of hope.

Every postcard created at Campbell was given away to a woman at STAND.

STAND= Stand Against Domestic Violence

Traveling Postcards’ mission is to give all women an opportunity to share their voice, their wisdom and their hearts. On February 10th, nine extraordinary women from the STAND community received their postcards.

STAND is a nonprofit local organization that is committed to ending domestic violence through the provision of prevention and intervention services. STAND is a multi-service agency that serves over 10,000 people annually.

Shelter clients and others who choose to start a new life, can stay in Stand’s transitional housing program The Center provides 13 apartments for women and children. The primary focus is on achieving economic independence through education and employment. It is these women who received cards as well as added their own unique voice to the growing numbers of Traveling Postcard participants.

Many of the women’s cards reflect their desire for a home and for the stability of a family that is safe. These women are brave, determined and intelligent and are sharing their wisdom with you. Please go to Traveling Postcards’ website to view all their beautiful cards. www.travelingpostcards.org

I welcome new ideas and new destinations for Traveling Postcards. Please email me at cslov@comcast.net with your brilliance!